BIG FM Banglore Completes ‘Bail the Jock’ campaign

Big FM Bangalore has yet again done what no other station in the city has dared to do. As part of a silent protest, the station’s popular breakfast jocks, RJ’s Harsha and Shruthi, were jailed at Forum Mall between 2nd & 3rd of August 2008. Through this innovative ‘Bail the Jock’ campaign, the station aimed to create awareness amongst the public on matters of environment cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Speaking about this campaign, Sunil Kumaran, Cluster Head, Karnataka & Kerala, BIG 92.7 FM said, “We made all the necessary arrangements to ensure smooth running of this activity at Forum Mall and the response has been tremendous. We would like to thank all the celebrities & listeners who came over to the mall to support both our RJ’s Harsha & Shruthi fight for this social cause”.

Between the 7th and the 19th of July, BIG FM conducted a campaign that connected with their listeners and trashed out concerns faced by a common Bangalorean. Aptly titled ‘Bendethu Bengaluru’ this campaign addressed one major issue on air everyday. This gave an opportunity to the residents of the city to speak up and discuss common problems like potholes, bribery, traffic, public hygiene and the likes.

As a conclusion to this mega campaign, the breakfast jocks RJ Harsha & RJ Shruthi were taken in a ceremonious procession from the BIG FM office to Forum Mall at 9.27 am on 2nd Aug and were subsequently locked up in a mock jail on the mall premises till the evening of 3rd Aug.

Celebrities like Bhavana Rao & Neetu from Galipata fame, Lakshmi Manmohan (playback singer) and V. Manohar (Actor, Music Director & Lyricist) along with numerous fans visited the location to show their support and interact with the jailed RJs.

The RJ’s requested their listeners and audiences to come over to the mall and display their support of this public hygiene campaign by hitting punching bags which symbolize the Susu Uncles & Garbage Aunties of the city.

RJ’s Harsha & Shruthi needed to achieve a target of 927 punches every hour until they were bailed out on the 3rd of August. Listeners who were unable to personally visit the mall could sms ‘NO THANKS’ to 55454 to show their support towards the cause.

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