Big FM Bags Top RAM Rankings in Kolkata

BIG 92.7 FM, has come up triumphs in the Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) findings, with overwhelming leadership of time spent listening and listener preference amongst the young affluent adult segment of radio listeners in Kolkata.

First RAM data for Kolkata and it reveals that BIG 92.7 FM gets highest TARP Time spent listening in the crucial segment of young affluent adult listeners in the SEC AB, 20 -34 classification for five consecutive weeks, thereby making it the preferred radio vehicle for marketers who need to directly reach the decision making segment of their target consumers.

“We are very excited with the numbers. The recently refreshed programming content and Mojar Adda station positioning has helped us stand out in the cluttered environment, delivering entertainment which is best in class and relevant to our listeners in Kolkata and offering a superior communication platform for our advertisers and the marketing community,” Ramita Chaudhuri, Station Head-Kolkata, BIG 92.7 FM, said.

Leadership in this segment strongly indicates the unique and differentiated entertainment offered by BIG 92.7 FM to the informed, educated and discerning listener segment, and thereby makes BIG 92.7 FM a delightful prospect for marketers to include it in their communication plans for an even wider range of products and services.

The RAM data has come at a time when the industry needs it the most, with the growth of the category and nationwide reach of the radio industry reaching new heights. Its format of timely and continuous information data provision will prove a strong tool for advertisers to plan their budgets and help broadcasters sharpen content and sales strategy.

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