Big FM Amritsar launches new show ‘Mehfil Mitran Di’

BIG FM in its endeavor to provide wholesome entertainment to its listeners and to ensure best quality entertainment, has launched a Brand New show ‘Mehfil Mitran Di’.

RJ Harry will host the new sizzling musical Radio Show. There will be three segments to the show. The roller coaster ride will start at 3:00pm everyday at will continue till 6:00pm. The first segments will start at 3:00 pm with some rocking songs from Hindi and Punjabi films and albums. RJ Harry in his new avatar will serve best of the musical numbers. Along with the new peppy numbers; the show will bring in some memorable numbers under new concept of the program ‘90s ke hit 4 se 6 mein fit’.

The first segment of the show is called ‘Khabraan nu Ragda’, another segment is called ‘Pasoodi’ and the third segment of the show is ‘Filmy Twist’. In the firs hour of the new radio show, the RJ will play new Punjabi and Hindi songs. Another two hours will serve with some memorable melodious music from the magical decade of 90s. RJ Harry will entertain with some of his interactive communication skills in the last segment of the show Filmy Twist wherein Harry will finish stories of any 3 hind movies in just 3 lines. Khabran nu Rgda segment will serve with some of the spicy stories from the world of Bollywood. Full of Punjabi spirit the second segment Pasoodi will invite the city residents for entertaining games with RJ Harry.

Speaking about the new Radio Show, Gaurav Sharma Station Head, 92.7 BIG FM, Amritsar said, “Radio Shows are soul of a Radio Station and RJs are the voice of any radio channel. We have launched a new radio show called ‘Mehfil Mitra Di’; RJ Harry will not only bring freshness to our evenings but also create a new brand in itself. I am confident that with all the ingredients of entertainment mix and wonderful voice of RJ Harry, our station would cross many more milestones and we would be able to strengthen our offering of wholesome programming mix to our listeners. Mehfil Mitran Di will serve with the best of music and entertainment for the residents of Amritsar”

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