BIG Diwali Bonus plan lights up BIG 92.7 FM’s sustainable leadership

‘BIG Diwali Bonus’ was a great offering this Diwali wherein listeners got to win their one month’s salary and many more goodies and gifts to make this year’s festive shopping the BIGgest yet the most economical affair for them. Diwali can’t get Bigger than this for BIG 92.7 FM, thanks to the Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata’s FM listeners who not only tuned to listen but virtually celebrated this Diwali with BIG FM’s ‘BIG Diwali Bonus’, a spike which gave a significant lead to BIG FM’s listenership in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata markets.

After a landmark spike of ‘RJ Marathon’ which created history in Radio, BIG FM welcomed the festive season withrefreshing content across all markets. The festive content was effectively integrated and formulized keeping in mind the listeners choice of entertainment in the current slowdown scenario. ‘One Month’ salary as bonus with celebrities, great local content, RJ talks centered around festive themes has collectively sustained BIG 92.7 FM’s supremacy in the latest Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) findings. BIG 92.7 FM has emerged as clear no.1 station in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata with highest average share of 18.4%, 24.2% and 27.4% respectively.

The BIG Diwali Bonus plan was a unique programming format and has been exclusively designed to enable BIG 92.7 FM listeners grab attractive bonus both in cash and in gifts. The contest thus received an over-whelming response with lacs of people registering to play on-air across stations taking BIG FM’s listenership share in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata to the highest mark.

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