'BIG Bollywood 96.3 FM' celebrates First anniversary

A year ago, the partnership between Singapore’s Radio Network MediaCorp with India’s leading FM Network BIG92.7 FM saw the birth of Singapore’s only Bollywood Radio Station ‘BIG Bollywood 96.3 FM’.

The Station has stood true to its promise of entertaining listeners who love Bollywood and seek entertainment on the same, by offering them an excellent programming mix. The last one year has seen the Station grow tremendously as it today boasts of sharing listeners with top channels like Class,98.7 FM & Power FM and caters not just to the Indian expat but also the population of Chinese,Tamilians and Malays.

The Station has been providing entertainment for all, across SEC segmentations and age groups with its music offering varying from current chartbusters to retro music.

As the very subject indicates, this Station has managed to grow listeners while not just restricting itself to Indians, but the larger Malay & Chinese audiences too who love Bollywood entertainment. Bollywood is beyond Indians and its listener base just goes to prove the same. The Station has grown to be a very favourite of the local populace in a very short period of time.

The Station has successfully captured over 80% of Indian expat market. The Station’s listener base sees 80% listenership from the expat population and rest 20% from the local populace comprising Tamilians, Malays & Chinese.

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