Big Babol launches New TVC – Big Babol Bade kaam ki cheez

Big Babol, the bubble gum brand from confectionery major, Perfetti Van Melle India, has launched a new TV commercial. The communication that has been developed around the core product attribute of its ‘big bubble’, builds on the already established positioning of ‘Bade Kaam Ki Cheez’.

The new commercial presents yet another situation, where the bubble comes into play and puts a spin on the story. The commercial cleverly romanticizes the bubble to transform the seemingly mundane activity of blowing a bubble into an exciting device that could be used in an ingenious fashion. The baseline Big Babol ‘Bade Kaam Ki Cheez’ (very useful thing) helps reinforce this thought.

The TVC has been created by McCann Erickson,headed by the Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman and regional executive creative director, Asia Pacific and directed by Abhijeet Chaudhuri (Dadu) of Black Magic Motion Pictures. The animation component has been created byRhythm & Hues.

The film opens on a crow who takes pleasure in teasing a particular young boy in the neighborhood. Everyday, the crow perched on the branch of a tree, waits for the boy to come out of his house, and as he does, the crow strategically positions himself & targets his ‘dropping’ in such a way that it lands directly on the helpless boy. This continues until the boy comes up with a plan to get even with the crow. One day, as the crow waits impatiently for him, the boy sneaks up behind him. We see the boy in mid-air with a huge bubble in his mouth that’s keeping him afloat. He surprises the crow by dropping a white paste on him – similar to the crow’s ‘dropping’. It’s revealed to the viewers that the boy cleverly uses toothpaste as his ammunition; however the crow does not realize this. The boy comes back to the ground, happy with his revenge.

The commercial ends with the MVO and Super: Big Babol Bade kaam ki cheez (very useful thing). We see a comeback shot of the crow banging his head against the tree branch in sheer disbelief.

The high points captured in the commercial are completely unexpected & surprising and would definitely be remembered. To name a few, the twist in the tale created by the bubble, the characterization & mannerisms of the crow and the boy’s transition from helplessness to his one-upmanship that leaves you with a feeling of triumph over the wicked crow.

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