BIG Animation , Accel to produce Shaktimaan for TV

Reliance BIG Animation has joined hands with Accel Animation Studios from Chennai to co-produce “Shaktimaan” in animation for TV broadcasting.

The deal happened last month in Chennai where Mr. Ashish SK, CEO BIG Animation and Mr. Panikar, Chairman Accel Animation Studios signed the MOU to join hands to recreate the series in animation that has already existed for over 10 years as one of the most popular live action program in Indian broadcasting. In its first case of shared responsibilities between two biggest Indian animation studios, Shaktimaan will be co financed and co produced by BIG Animation and Accel Animation.

BIG Animation will take care of the ideation, visualization, pre-production and post-postproduction responsibilities while Asset creation and animation production till compositing will be done by Accel Animation.

Commenting on this path breaking tie-up, Mr. Kulkarni said, “BIG Animation and Accel Animation joining hands to develop an Indian property to be produced in India with Indian talents for both Indian and international broadcasting is for sure a landmark association for the entire Indian Animation Industry. It just shows that the industry is maturing enough to create collaborative home productions that will have international potential. It also shows how fast the Indian talent pool is gearing up to take up such challenges of quality deliverables completely by themselves without any overseas support on the creative front. It is high time that we create properties jointly. This is the first initiative of its kind in India where two Indian studios are coming together and I just hope that this deal between BIG Animation and Accel will open the doors for many more Indian studios to leverage on each others capabilities for developing properties with shared responsibilities. We are confident that “Shaktimaan” will turn out as a landmark production that will create a quality benchmark for Indian properties in digital 2D for broadcasting.”

Accel Animation in just under 4 years of its existence has already done a commendable job with its Thirukkural based series which is internationally marketed as Indian Fables and being telecasted on the Disney Channel in India as Ek Tha Jungle. Accel is also being involved with several upcoming original television series and feature films for the international market.
Commenting on the collaborative venture with BIG Animation, Mr. Panicker said “Collaborate and grow should be the mantra for Indian Animation Companies who want to reduce the cycle time to bring new properties to the market. The International market for Indian Animation is just opening up and such collaborations will help us to leverage on each other’s strengths to produce world class properties. Shaktimaan has been a very successful property and we believe that Shaktimaan in Animated format will be even more popular.”

With the international success of Little Krishna already under his belt, Mr. Kulkarni is setting up the best team in the country for digital 2D to make sure that the legacy of “Shaktimaan” continues not only for Indian broadcasting but ensuring that the property lends itself in the international market as well.

Stressing on the enigma that Shaktimaan had been for Indian kids for over a decade, the “living Shaktimaan”, Mukesh Khanna sounded ecstatic about the product. “ For a very long time I have been looking for the right association who will understand the real potential of the series for the present generation of kids on an international level. I have known Ashish for years now and have always appreciated his dedication and commitment towards developing animated properties. I have worked with him and his team earlier on “Hey Krishna” and is aware of the strength and potential of his team,”.

“They are truly capable of creating magic. So when on behalf of BIG Animation, Ashish offered me to do Shaktimaan in animation, I knew I have found the right studio that make Shaktimaan immortal by transforming it into animation. It is a product close to my heart. You can say I am both emotional and sentimental about it. Kids all around the country recognize me as their own Shaktimaan and I have a responsibility towards them. In that context, I am happy to say that the designs of Shaktimaan for animation are looking stunning and kids will love every aspect of it in animation form too. BIG Animation has roped in Mr. Jeffrey Scott to write the scripts, which is another big plus for the series. All I can say to the kids in India is that – wait, your favorite Shaktimaan will be back soon and you all can’t believe what amazing adventures he is going be a part of in its animated form.” Khanna added.

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