BIG 92.7 FM'S two new innovative programming initiatives

The country’s biggest Private FM Radio Network, BIG 92.7 FM, is continuously finding new ways to live up to and deliver on its promise of Suno Sunao, Life Banao! The latest in this quest are a couple of new programming initiatives. The first initiative is an exciting, entertaining new show, Life Ki Dhunaktundhun which starts from Sunday, the 27th of May, while the second is a rocking segment of 5 back-to-back songs that will be played in the first hour of all shows.

Life Ki Dhunaktundhun is a show that the youth of today will definitely identify with, especially youngsters who are aspiring for off-beat, alternative career paths, for whom there is a life beyond the age-old careers of Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant and MBA. The attraction of the show is its RJ, Chaitanya Bhosle, popularly known as Chin2.

Chin2 is a well known name in music and theatre circle. He has successfully walked down many career paths himself. An MBA from NMIMS Institute of Management, Chint2 has worked in Advertising for a year, then moved on to Sound Engineering and Radio Jockeying… he has also starred in top theatre productions (such as Alyque Padamsee’s Evita), directed mainstream commercial plays, Video Jockeyed, acted in a full length commercial Bollywood feature film and currently directing music for films. He is also a member of India’s first and only boy band A Band of Boys with three successful albums and many music videos!

In his new role as a Radio Jockey with BIG 92.7 FM’s show Life Ki Dhuntunakdhun, Chin2 candidly talks to his friends and colleagues and takes the listeners through a journey that will not just be memorable but enriching too! The show will feature the likes of Sudanshu Pandde (appeared in Jackie Chan’s The Myth, the Tarla Dalal Show, Khiladi 420, etc.), DJ Suketu (one of India’s best known DJs), Ganesh Hegde (ace choreographer), Vishal-Shekhar (Music directors), and many others. They will recount their dreams, their journey, and the paths they walked and share their experiences with listeners who seek to attempt similar journeys.

Describing the new show, BIG 92.7 FM National Head – Programming Mr. Manav Dhanda says, “Life Ki Dhuntunakdhun is an entertaining show about alternative careers – the first-hand journey of people who’ve arrived in life, and the advice they can offer our listeners to help them find their way down alternate career paths. It’s a unique show that doesn’t give any heavy gyaan, but is full of masti. The best part of the show is its RJ, Chin2 who himself has juggled multiple careers successfully. I am confident that with a great mix of entertainment and value, we’ll be able to impact our listeners’ lives and truly benefit them.”

Says RJ Chin2; “You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams and always machao dhuntunakdhun in life! My show is for youngsters who believe in Life Ki Dhuntunakdhun, and that’s why it’s also the name of the show! I am glad that BIG92.7 FM took the initiative to talk to youngsters about the most crucial aspect of their lives – career, through such a simple and encouraging show. Am confident that with BIG 92.7 FM’s mission of impacting lives and the theme of our show, we’ll definitely be able to introduce Life ki Dhuntukandhun to our listeners. ”

5 songs back to back: In the process to provide complete musical experience to listeners, BIG 92.7 FM is now playing 5 songs back to back every first hour of the show. Through this initiative, listeners can enjoy more number of songs than ever before.

Explaining the basic idea behind back-to-back music, Mr. Manav Dhanda, National Head – Programming says, “We want to make BIG 92.7 FM as a purely entertaining and musical station. Along with jock-talks, we aim at providing our listeners wholesome entertainment with melodious music back to back.”

A Rs. 400 crore investment in Transmission Equipment, Infrastructure and licensing. A plan for a 1000-strong national workforce. All geared towards an ultimate count of 45 stations in the nation’s biggest private FM Radio Station Network that is poised to reach 200 million Indians through a pan-India presence across 45 cities, 1000 towns and 50,000 villages.

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