BIG 92.7 FM’s Nirupam Sonu on the jury of The prestigious New York Festivals

Year 2008 marked history in Indian radio entertainment with BIG 92.7 FM, receiving international acclaim at the New York Festivals sweeping away 4 awards. BIG 92.7 FM was the first and only Indian radio station to be conferred with the prestigious awards. The year 2009 sees BIG 92.7 FM put Indian Radio entertainment once again on the global map as the New York Festivals invites BIG 92.7 FM’s Nirupam Sonu, Vice President – Programming to be on the jury of the New York Festivals – 2009, judging the Radio Programming and Promotions category.

The NYF Radio Awards is judged by a broad segment of industry professionals comprising of some of the best names in the business today and very specially those who have become iconic in their fields of specialization and for their contribution to the new media matrix in Radio Programming.

Leslie Rasimas, Executive Director, International Awards Group, New York and responsible for the Radio Programming awards platform said, “It was a decision taken at the New York corporate office to invite on the jury board a versatile radio business head like Nirupam Sonu who managed the national programming of BIG 92.7 FM in India.” He continued, “Nirupam Sonu, will join other world class judges invited from all over the globe and from India to come together and judge the world’s best work in Radio Programming and to laud excellence in each of the categories put before the jury and decide and deliver their judgment for the International Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Sonu will be responsible for judging work done by some of the greatest producers of radio programs from all over the world.”

“I feel honored to be part of such a prestigious jury and am looking forward to hearing some of the world’s best work on radio. Novel and creative offerings which puts meaning to the phrase ‘theatre of the mind’, making the most of this aural medium!” said Nirupam Sonu, Vice President – Programming, BIG 92.7 FM

Nirupam Sonu has a rich and varied experience in production and directing domains of TV and radio medium. He has made a mammoth contribution in the areas of content planning and programming at BIG 92.7 FM and is known to be a core strategist as well as a champion of innovations. He is one of those very few people in the industry exposed to all facets of content – planning, packaging, creative and programming. Nirupam Sonu has also been part of the PROMAX jury.

The categories at NYF include The Gold, Silver and the Bronze Awards, presented to the world’s best work in their presentation format. An unbiased jury decides the results keeping in mind international norms by which such a high end awards platform is subjected to the final decisions by the judges. Judges from India will not judge entries from the country of their own origin but will qualify for taking a decision on submissions from the rest of the world thus allowing for a fair and just examination of talent that goes into the making and presentation of the matter submitted.

NYF Radio Awards recognizes the importance of rewarding those who are responsible for excellence in their work in any and all earth languages broadcast over the radio. NYF Radio Awards is identical to a forum for excellence to showcase creativity, reward accomplishments and define new standards that raise the competence bar for the future.

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