BIG 92.7 FM wins Creative Abby at Goafest 2009

The finale of GoaFest 2009 is a reason to celebrate for the very vibrant creative team at BIG 92.7 FM, who brought home the bronze metal in the category of Radio Craft – Original Music Score for Lux Cottswool. This is the first time that a radio station has won a Creative Abby which only goes to show that aural medium is now commanding a space for itself in the creative advertising fraternity.

It was in December 2008 when the creative team was huddled in the studios, when a great idea was born for Lux Cottswool. With a clear brief from the Client, to create a sonic recall for the brand with the effective use of the aural medium, the Team brainstormed and tried innumerable options to be able to meet the Clients brief. It is then that the team put together which went on to be called the ‘winter vanishing music’ by the team, which became the creative which was Okayed by the Client. Sounds of cough, sneeze, hands-rubbing, shivering etc. were put together and mixed with Indian tribal beats, which when put together revealed a wonderful creative for the brand.

BIG 92.7 FM, in encouraging young talent and in offering Clients the best solutions across all radio requirements, has an in-house team that is dedicated at putting together Creatives for Clients, that will best suit the aural medium. Given the 45 station network and the regular requirements of Clients, the team headed by Dheeraj Kumar has a set of fresh young minds, who churn out the creative best on a daily basis.

BIG 92.7 FM is the first radio station to have won a Creative ABBY, thus setting a benchmark for the team to perform better and scale to greater heights. The hard-work and perseverance of the team has yielded fantastic results, who are overwhelmed at being recognized for their work and are raring to go.

Speaking about the achievement Nirupam Sonu, Vice President – Programming, BIG 92.7 FM said “Winning a Creative Abby is a significant accomplishment. It was an excellent year to watch out for and given the work that the Team has churned out, we were very optimistic about winning an award. We are very proud of our team whose main strength is thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions to client communications requirements on radio. Such acknowledgements from the industry work as an impetus for the team to work harder in the future and continue delivering service leadership, excellence in execution and innovation to Clients.”

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