BIG 92.7 FM Stations observe April Fool's Day

BIG 92.7 FM has announced that its stations nationwide observed the April Fool’s Day .Big 92.7 FM’s Mumbai Station hosted the extremely engaging and fun-filled ‘Dabba Gul’ where listeners were invited to play pranks on the biggest pranksters in their lives. The jocks also went on ground and played pranks on un-suspecting listeners all in god humor and all ending in some great laughs. April 1st turned out to be a good day and opportunity to look at the lighter side of life and have listeners in complete splits as they were humored on air.

BIG 92.7 FM Delhi celebrated this April Fool’s Day in a true ‘Dilli Ki Marzi’ style with ‘House Fool’! Throughout the day, all the RJs played a special ‘House Fool’ game in which the RJ bluffed on various topics and challenged listeners to identify the bluff! Listeners were also invited to don the cap of a prankster and play pranks with their friends, live and on-air, which made for some excellent on air content. To make April Fool’s day truly memorable, BIG 92.7 FM gave prizes like inverters, home-theatre, DVD player and watches to all the winners of ‘House Fool’ game.

Kolkata’s Mojar Adda favourite character Poltu gave funny versions on the word Fool throughout the day entertaining the listeners and keeping them in splits. So humorous and innovative were the different versions, that they had listeners asking for more! The jocks also went on ground & interacted with listeners while playing Bokkataa where the listeners were asked some hilarious questions which had no real answers which were played. This was played on air as well in the form of a Caller Montage.

Bangalore’s No 1 FM station played pranks on pranksters with the property called ‘Topi Mele Topi’ the entire day. BIG FM’s RJ Harsha & Shruthi played pranks on unsuspecting listeners and were in fact tricked themselves by listeners. BIG RJ’s intentionally gave out false breaking news like the Bangalore metro construction being halted and the city turning green again or teasing incorrect songs and calling it a joke. All in all the Station had listeners completely hooked and entertained.

Hyderabad’s favourite Bindass Radio station saw great participation from listeners wanting to fool their near and dear ones lightening up their day on this April Fool’s day with RJ Shekhar.

Big 92.7 FM Chennai saw RJ Dheena in a fun-filled mood on this April Fool’s day giving out cricket match scores and updates engrossing the entire city when at the end of it there was no match happening actually.

Commenting on this Nirupam Sonu, Vice President, Programming – BIG 92.7 FM said, “We have conceptualized some interesting content around April Fool’s Day, in our own mischievous style, which kept the listener completely engrossed and hooked on to the Station. Participation was hugewith listeners playing pranks on friends and family, not sparing their favorite jocks. It was all taken in good humor and in the right spirit, making it a truly fun day.”

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