BIG 92.7 FM 'Mumbai announces 'Chill Maar'

With temperatures in Mumbai soaring, the stress levels are not far behind whether it is the recession led problems like money related issues, job market plummet, the sensex doing a see saw or the traffic snarls or the tension of getting school admissions, the people of the city seem to be getting drained with the pressure and the heat! To re-energize Mumbai-kars and be their true companion, BIG 92.7 FM’s evening jock RJ Rohit helps beat the stress with ‘Mumbai, Chill Maar’ a special Summer campaign where the Station is offering extremely innovative and cool on-air and on-ground elements to help listeners’ remain chill and cool this summer!

The campaign, which will culminate on May 5, 2009, will see interesting take on subjects of stress each day on air – these will range from topics like jobs, sensex, marriage, cricket, traffic, heat and much more which will have not just have the listeners take but also expert and humorous take on each of the subjects. Celebrities will also come on air to share their tips on how they keep themselves cucumber cool and stress free this summer. Chillax Evenings will see RJ Rohit play Chillax Music which promises to ease the tension bringing in some comic relief with comedians like Khayali & Dipoo Shrivastva.

The Station is going all out to connect with its listeners on ground through local trains, buses, malls, RWA’s (Resident Welfare Associaitons) where RJ Rohit and the comedians will interact with audiences and host the show live from. Also, being hosted will be special meet & greets with listeners over ice-creams, golas & cool cafes. A whole lot of other interesting on ground touch-points have been initiated whether hosting OB’s from public places asking people for their favorite chillax songs or distributing ice cream to people in crowded places or distributing water and wet wipes at queues, the Station is doing everything required to ensure its listeners remain super cool and completely chill-axed. Contests will be run, winners of which will enjoy a day out with RJ Rohit at the Essel World

RJ Rohit, BIG 92.7 FM says, “Whether on the Chillax Evening Show on air or our interactions on ground, this campaign ensures listeners are left completely Chill-axed with an increase in the cool quotient. We are having a super time entertaining Mumbaikars with some highly engaging activities and are receiving a phenomenal response. We are offering listener’s entertainment, which allows us to tell the city, Mumbai, Chill Maar.”

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