BIG 92.7 FM launches new stationality

What’s in a name is what people often debate, but at BIG 92.7 FM what’s in a stationality is what the radio station answers with the launch of its new stationality Suno Sunao, Life Banao. In its continuous effort to offer listeners the best aural treat and further its entertainment quotient, the radio station brings in 2010 with a fresh and tuneful stationality, which promises to be even more catchy and groovy than the earlier one. Composed by the very talented Music Director Ranjit Barot and sung by none other than the Station’s brand ambassador and India’s youngest legendary singer Sonu Niigaam, the new stationality will be even more catchy and groovy than the earlier one.

Armed with an excellent music base, the stationality focuses on the Station name and frequency, while ensuring just the right proportions of a contemporary and aspirational mix. Capturing the new age instrumentation and arrangement, the melody has been created after much understanding of listener’s music preferences. A tune which will make listeners sing along with, a tune that is distinctive and ensures easy recall, are all factored in when creating the new stationality. With a very clever use of mnemonics, the stationality will be novel and exciting highlighting the frequency of the station.

It also ensures the mood of the station is always happy and aspirational, keeping listeners tuned into the station and in an upbeat mood ensuring it compliments the music and image of the station, ensuring the right musical tempo and mood!

Speaking on the occasion, Nirupam Sonu, Sr. Vice President, Programming – BIG 92.7 FM said, “Radio works on recall and is largely memory driven. Apart from the music mix and their favorite jocks that the listener comes back to the station for, the stationality plays a very important role in the listeners association with the station, creating a very strong brand equity and recall in their minds. At BIG 92.7 FM our new stationality only promises to amplify the connect of listeners to the station with a more catchy, groovy and sing along tone. Ranjit Barot and Sonu Niigaam have created a tune that the country is going to love!”

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