BIG 92.7 FM launches Jaisa Mood, Waisaich Music’ positioning

Big 92.7 FM Mumbai has announced the launch of the new music positioning which is in true Mumbai style, as the station promises listeners ‘Jaisa Mood, Waisaich Music’. The new music positioning has been introduced, given the understanding that Mumbai lives by a distinct and well planned time clock and hence the requirements of listeners change with the changing moods. This has been inferred through qualitative research providing insights into the moods of the consumers, their listening habits, music tastes and their specific entertainment needs.

The uniqueness of the city is reflected in the changing entertainment requirements in different time bands. Hence mornings are mostly rushed, fast paced and full of energy offering listeners music that is upbeat and high tempo, aptly titled Josh Mornings. Afternoons see listeners coming in to have a nice time and the afternoon segment is called Timepass Afternoons, hosting fun and mischievous songs catering largely to women and youth. Evenings are about a tired Mumbaikar, who just wants to relax, unwind and chill and hence the Chillax Evenings, offering soothing and relaxing numbers.

Radio is an extremely local and dynamic medium making it critical that the changing pulse and trends be mapped regularly. The station undertakes regular internal research through customer meetings, comprehensive question and answer formats and other direct interaction initiatives to understand customer psyche and their need for entertainment across different day parts. Besides this, qualitative research is undertaken from time to time which provides key insights into the moods of the consumers and their specific needs.

Commenting on the new music strategy, Neerja Dhillon, Station Director, Big 92.7 FM-Mumbai said, “Our content is tailored to suit each day part and the entertainment requirements of listeners during that time. With the continuous focus on understanding listeners and leveraging the synergies of this new music strategy, BIG 92.7 FM promises listeners great listening experience, becoming an integral part of their daily lives, round the clock. Through our new music positioning we are only re-iterating our promise to positively impact lives of listeners through the best music mix and entertainment on the Station.”

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