BIG 92.7 FM launches first Marathi Show 'Masala Chaha'

BIG 92.7 FM, Mumbai has announced the launch of the first ever Marathi program on the breakfast show, christened Masala Chaha. As the name goes, the show will have all the flavors that a true Maharashtrian desires in their Sunday entertainment. The show will air from 6:00-8:00am and will be hosted by Viplove Gupte, an ardent Mumbaikar and a true Maharashtrian at heart who also oversees the programming mandate at BIG 92.7 FM in the position of the National Programming Director. BIG 92.7 FM launched this program 2-3 weeks ago, and given the success it has decided to take it further and make it a permanence property on air”.

The show, in keeping with the mood, music and infotainment requirements of the local populace will begin with a devotional hour which will see the station resounding with Marathi aratis, bhajans, abhang and bhavgeete in the first hour. The next hour will cover topical regional issues, local city relevant subject and much more, packaged excellently with the choicest Marathi songs from the films and hit Marathi albums. The show will also open up discussion forums on interesting and relevant subjects of interest in addition to hosting actors, theatre personalities, musicians and celebrities from the Marathi fraternity.

The Station, selected Viplove to host the show given that he is a true Maharashtrian by birth and by heart, extremely knowledgeable about music, loves the radio and is crazy about films. Viplove in his very own style ensures that the show is extremely local and to reaches out to entertain audiences in a way that reflects his true persona.

Speaking about his new parallel role as a RJ, an excited Viplove Gupte, Programming Director, BIG 92.7 FM said, “Marathi music industry has given the biggest singers to even Hindi film industry. Lata Tai started her career singing for Marathi films, Asha Tai, Meena Tai, Suresh Wadkar and the list is endless. We have incorporated Bhavgeete, Abhang, and Marathi’s most popular bhajans in our first hour – the music that every household in Mumbai wakes up to. The second hour consists of music from films and private albums. I have grown up on these songs and I have a natural inclination towards this music and am super excited to be sharing this with the city of Mumbai. Radio is an extremely local medium and what better a way to connect with the local populace than in the local lingo, Marathi” .

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