BIG 92.7 FM Hyderabad, Launches Podcast Service

Big FM, Hyderabad has become the first radio station in Hyderabad to Podcast on-air shows on its website Through this new offering, Hyderabadis from anywhere in the world can catch up with their favorite Radio Jockeys, listen to their favorite songs, and listen to some great content ranging from interviews with Tollywood Stars, jokes, get interesting updates on the latest city happenings and much more…all at the click of their computer.

In keeping with its endeavor to impact people’s lives positively, BIG 92.7 FM has a wide range of entertainment options and the same is not restricted to merely on air offerings but are being taken on-ground as well as on-line. Among the wholesome entertainment mix that is available on the website includes audio content from various shows including jokes, celebrity interviews, pranks and a whole lot of fun programs as Podcast which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world, through the internet. One can log on to and can download the audio file to listen to it on the computer or download it on their IPod using ITune. By providing Podcast service BIG 92.7 FM has created a common platform for its listeners from across the world to come together and enjoy entertainment unlimited!

Podcasting is a growing phenomenon that enables anyone to create and distribute their own series of Internet audio programs or audio blogs (web logs), resulting in a new form of online media that people can listen to whenever and wherever they want.

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