BIG 92.7 FM hosts 'Vote Kar Ke Hi Chill Maar' with Slumdog celebs

BIG 92.7 FM’s Mumbai Station hosted a unique initiative urging Mumbai-ites to exercise their right to vote. Led by the evening drive time jock – RJ Rohit and kids of Slumdog Millionaire fame Tanay Chedda and Tanvi Lonkar telling the people of Mumbai ‘Vote Kar Ke Hi Chill Maar’! This essentially communicates that the kids want adults to behave responsibly, given that they cannot vote and their future is in the hands of adults while implying the importance of the right to vote. The initiative was part of the stations summer campaign which helps Mumbai beat the heat and the stress with evening jock – RJ Rohit getting Mumbai to Chill Maar.

Commenting on the campaign, Neerja Dhillon, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM Mumbai said, “As a responsible media brand, it is our endeavour to influence and positively impact society through our holistic offerings and innovations. We have conceptualised this unique campaign, using kids, so that we demonstrate to adults that there are thousands of little kids who are dependent on them – to exercise their right to vote responsibly. Vote kar ke hi Chill Maar is innovative and is sure to get noticed and create a sizable impact and will be an eye-opener for those who take this right lightly.”

The kids had a great time as they did graffiti, showcasing solidarity in thought. Post the event, the flex with the graffiti will be placed atop the BIG OB Bus and will cover the city, reminding adults of their responsibility to the kids, the future tomorrow. Kids from across localities will be encouraged to come and make their mark on the flex, just ensuring higher participation through the extremely innovative way of communicating to adults. It is not about preaching, it is about making people stand up, notice and take seriously their right to vote.

Several of the kids were also seen making the voting mark on their fingers with sketch-pens, making a statement that they cannot vote right now, but will definitely do so when they reach the right age. The kids were at their creative best, using a riot of colours which finally resulted in an extremely colourful and meaningful message to adults. The kids had an excellent time not just through their interactions on air with RJ Rohit but also with the drawing and the feast over ice cream and goodies. Kids from across the city came in to support in the initiative and lend their support.

BIG 92.7 FM has been promoting the message to Vote through its RJ’s endorsing it heavily along with covering all the latest developments on the political front, while providing listeners with information has been covered, all this while spreading the clear message to Vote! The event with the kids was an extremely innovative way to communicate with adults, making them realise that it is not just their lives, but millions of lives of young kids that their votes will impact. The kids, all below the age of 18, seemed extremely aware of what they wanted from politicians, with some of them actually expressing interest in becoming the prime minister of the country one day.

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