BIG 92.7 FM Delhi launches 'Chedna Mana Hai…De Taali'

On the eve of International Women’s Week, BIG 92.7 FM launched ‘De Taali’ – a campaign fighting the menace called eve teasing. The campaign has been planned in great detail, bringing to light the issue that is faced almost every day by women, from across ages and economic strata of society. The campaign was flagged off from the studios of the radio station by jocks Jiah and Neeti. The campaign will see jocks visit different locations across the city and on catching eve teasers red handed will applaud them in true Delhi asking them to De Taali, embarrassing them enough to understand the awful act performed.

BIG 92.7 FM Delhi launched the ‘De Taali’ Gang with RJ Jiah and Neeti and Sunita and has taken it upon themselves to create awareness and put to shame men who lack respect for the opposite sex, thus committing the shameful act, believing that it is their right to do so and seeing no wrong in it.

The issue that has always been an underlying one in the city, has once again been brought to the fore when RJ’s Jiah and Neeti were faced with instances of eve teasing and on speaking with listeners realized the enormity of the issue. The subject on air raked in huge responses from both male and female listeners – who shared their opinion and experiences on the subject.

Holi, the festival of colors, while known for the fun and enjoyment is also known for women getting man-handled and touched and squeezed indiscriminately. Here too the Station has plans to spread awareness on safety for the festival. March 16th to 21st will see RJ’s Jiah and Neeti travel at night with Sunita to different locations of the city, experiencing and catching eve-teasers red handed and taking them on air the station. The station also has plans to train women on self-defense and equip them with pepper sprays and other arms that better prepares them.

Commenting about this great initiative, Mr, Ashwin Padmanabhan – Station Director, BIG 92.7 FM – Delhi said, “The issue of eve teasing is huge and not unknown to the city of Delhi. We as a responsible media platform are taking up the initiative of De Taali which is to embarrass eve teasers by applauding the ghastly behavior that they undertake each day. We want to bring to the fore the issue, thus making men realize that the behavior is not acceptable and getting women to stand up and voice their concern and be better equipped to take action and stand up for themselves.”

“To be the first choice of listeners as we not only entertain but positively impact and transform their lives”

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