BIG 92.7 FM celebrates the festival of ‘Maatu Pongal'

BIG 92.7 FM celebrated the auspicious festival of ‘Maatu Pongal’ in an innovative way by creating an entire village set up at the office premises today. RJs of BIG 92.7 FM who were dressed up in the traditional outfit flagged off a rally where the cows were taken to different residential apartment to create an auspicious environment during the festival.

‘Maatu Pongal’ on ground celebration on 15th January is a part of the four day long ‘Pongal’ celebration on-air at BIG 92.7 FM which kick started on 13th January 2009 with ‘Bogi’ celebration where the RJs of BIG 92.7 FM interacted with listeners on how to celebrate Bogi without polluting the environment. Pongal and Maatu Pongal on 14th and 15th January 2009 had RJs playing topical songs and interacting with listeners on how they celebrated the festival. BIG 92.7 FM RJs will host live shows from across the city during Kaanum Pongal on 16th Jan 2009.

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