BIG 92.7 FM celebrates 60 years of Indian Republic

Mumbai : January, 26, 2010 marked the 60th year of Indian Republic and India’s No. 1 FM Station, BIG 92.7 FM, is celebrating this Diamond Jubilee in style! The Station has lined up for its listeners special capsules on-air & events on-ground to mark the occasion across its Stations nationally. The Republic Day plan of the station aims at capturing the journey of our great nation over the past 60 years, showcasing milestones from the past to this date. The Republic Day Special on BIG 92.7 FM will feature the people who have been instrumental in bringing about a change, events that have marked the nation’s advance and the milestones witnessed in Indian music. The special feature of the celebration will be a 60 city connect of stations across the country which will play out the National Song simultaneously.

Beginning 24th January and continuing till 26th January, the station is giving its listener an insight into 60 landmark events, one from each year since 1950, which have shaped the Indian Republic. There is also a capsule on 60 people who have changed the face of the country. These are luminaries from all fields, be it sports, politics, entertainment, etc. Naughty at 60, a special section features people who have their birthdates on January, 26, 1950, the same as Republic Day. These people share with BIG 92.7 FM listeners their experiences & how they have seen the nascent Republic evolve as a Global superpower. On the 26th January, the Republic Day special includes, Top 60 @ 60, a dedicated 5hr slot in the afternoon featuring top songs one from each year since 1950. The station also has Musicians at 60, a special with leading lights of Indian music/cinema on their experiences.

60 stations from across the country will do a BIG Connect to mark the occasion & play out the National Song simultaneously to pay respect to the nation. The stations then along with listeners across the country will take a pledge together to support the cause of Global Warming. The celebration will be taken on-ground through Live BIG Booth across cities where people will get a chance to pay their tribute to India. These tributes will take the form of 60sec songs that people can dedicate to the country.

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