Bhavana Somaaya to spice up BIG 92.7 FM listeners

Mumbai : Bhavana Somaaya, one of the most respected & noted film critique & Bollywood author is all set to spice up radio. In an exclusive show for BIG 92.7 FM listeners, Bhavana will be hosting BIG Bollywood Chaat, the Bollywood special, every Sunday between 7:00 am to 9:00am.

Bhavana will also review all the latest releases from Bollywood exclusively for BIG 92.7 FM listeners every Friday between 8:00am to 9:00am. So whether it’s a must watch or a box-office dud, whether you can enjoy a sweet tête-à-tête over popcorn with your partner or take the entirely family out for the movie, one just needs to tune into the BIG 92.7 FM. This review will be for all the 36 markets in HSM, where the station has its coverage.

BIG Bollywood Chaat will take the listeners to a completely new Bollywood trip with Bhavana bringing out exclusive Bollywood gossips. The show is a 1st on radio in terms of its Bollywood content & has the credibility associated with Bhavana Somaaya that she brings on board with her experience & network.

” BIG Bollywood Chaat will have all the chutput gossip from Bollywood, all inside masala. So if you are interested in who’s seeing whom, which is the latest scandal, the most high profile break-up, you just need to tune into Mumbai’s favorite station, BIG 92.7 FM exclusively on Sunday between 7-9am. The show will also have interesting anecdotes from Bhavana’s interactions over the years with the Who’s who of Bollywood,” a spokesperson said.

Bhavan Somaaya, a name that needs no introduction in the realms of expertise in Bollywood. A graduate in psychology, began her career in 1970’s as a scribe. She was the Assistant Editor at the Movie Magazine. Currently she is the Editor of a magazine, which she established in 1989.

A recipient of the Mahila Shrimoni Award, she has also penned columns for The Sunday Observer, Afternoon, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu among other newspapers. She is also a renowned author having penned many books notable among them being Amitabh Bachhan – The Legend, Salaam Bollywood – The Pain and the Passion, Hema Malini – The Authorized Biography and Fragmented Frames –Reflections of a Critique among others.

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