Bhaskar Group launches drive to push Voting percentage

Following on the successful initiative of Dry Tilak during Holi promting water conservation, Bhaskar has initiated ‘Ab Ungli Par Tilak Bhavishy Kay Liae’ (Now Tilak on Finger for the Future) in 11 states through its 42 editions. This is aimed at promoting the cause of Voting with concern for future.

This drive takes on from 18th April till the voting day at each of the centers. The main focus is not just to vote- but also to vote for the right candidates. In his signed edit today RameshChandra Agarwal, Chairman Bhaskar group said ‘We would want to appeal to crores of our readers that voting in election is important, but more important than that is to evaluate all the candidates and to vote for the right candidate. Let us through our vote- re-empathize to all the candidates that our yardstick of evaluating is the future of society and national development. We will not be influenced by any caste, bribe, temptation or association with any specific person. When we are able to do so, we can then only hope that the right candidate so chosen by us will work for betterment of our future. We will have the right to raise our finger and question, if and only if we have first put TILAK of voting on our fingers’

Mr Girish Agarwal; Director Bhaskar group adds ‘One of the main categories being targeted is the Youth. For many of them this is the first election they will be voting in. Research conducted in our markets just after the Vidhanshabha elections has shown that this new generation has a totally different thinking and they are not really affected by the non-action and ‘What can I do’ attitude of the earlier generation”.

Interactive communication and edit intervention will guide the youth under the column of ‘MY FIRST VOTE’, treating voting as an individual decision in favor of future that they have in mind. Giving them the confidence of being able to differentiate between the candidates and vote for the deserving candidate. At the same time it will answer pertinent question thrown by research ‘What I lose by not voting’, this will be depicted through paintings, cartoons, comments and contribution from youth.

Bhaskar team is activating a contact programme at college level, points of high footfalls of youth, public areas, social and community centers ,various organization and professional association or bodies to drive the ‘Pledge to Vote’ . Communication in this drive is centric on their vote contribution to decide what the future of the country will be. They have the power to control and ensure that the candidates who can not add and contribute to the development of the nation –do not make to the Parliament.

Bhaskar will also bring alive the local reasons for voting and give appositive twist to the reasons for voting like I will vote for Metro in my town, I will vote for the candidate who I believe will be vocal in Parliament. This positive approach of constructive development is in sync with Bhaksar philosophy of making things possible and contributing to it on individual level.

In addition to deciding to vote individually, a drive is being launched that will ask the citizens to ensure that they make at least One –more-voter to vote in this election. This in the youth and young people adds the feeing of responsibility and accountability- ensuring better conversions.

Under ground level initiatives- Election Bus that will collect the pledges of citizens on voting, Nukkad Nataks (street plays) under a predefined programme will be operative. Other means of communication of E-Mail- SMS will also be used.

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