Bengali print media market to touch Rs.800 crore by 2015

Kolkata:The Bengali print media market will touch Rs.800 crore by 2015, a report published by FICCI and Deloitte has said.

year, the entire print industry in West Bengal is estimated to be worth
Rs.900 crore. Bengali print undoubtedly dominates the print industry as
it accounts for 60 percent of this market. Their value is estimated to
be Rs.550 crore while the English print market in the state is estimated
to be at Rs.350 crore. The Bengali print market is projected to touch
the value of Rs.800 crore by 2015 growing at a compounded annual growth
rate of 10 percent,” said the report.

The report published
Wednesday also stated that the combined readership of the top two
Bengali dailies – ‘Anandabazar Patrika’ and ‘Bartaman’ is more than five
times the combined readership of the state’s top two English dailies –
The Telegraph and the Times of India (Kolkata).

“But all is not
lost for the English dailies; the size of English publications market is
estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent to
reach a value of Rs.500 crore by 2015,” the report said.

It also
stated that the advertisements contribute 73 percent of the revenue for
Bengali newspapers while the figure is 86 percent for English
newspapers. The ad revenue for English newspapers is expected to grow at
a rate of 10 percent over the next five years while in Bengali
newspapers, the growth rate is expected to be 12 percent

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