Beijing Zhangcheng Culture and Media Co bags Lifeng account

Beijing Zhangcheng Culture and Media Co, Ltd. has recently signed a one year taxi advertisement placement agreement with a total value of US$160,000 with Inner Mongolia Lifeng Corporation Group Limited .

Lifeng is the largest integrated automobile trade service company in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, marketing and distributing over 1,000 automobile products from 20 foreign and domestic brands including Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, etc. China TransInfo holds exclusive operating rights on roof-mounted advertisement LED screens on 4,666 taxis in Huhhot. Pursuant to the agreement, Lifeng will place different automobile product advertisements on China TransInfo’s taxi LED screens for one year.

China TransInfo holds exclusive rights in three cities, Urumqi, Huhhot and Dalian, for the collection and processing of real-time traffic information data. Data is collected through onboard media platforms installed in taxis which include roof mounted LED advertising screens. Currently, media platforms in Urumqi and Huhhot are fully operational while the Dalian market is expected to become fully operational during the second quarter of 2009.

”We are very pleased with the continued development of our taxi media platform business,” commented Mr. Shudong Xia, CEO of China TransInfo, ”We are confident that our business model based on recurring advertisement revenue will continue to expand, providing steady top line growth for this sector of our business. In addition, we are excited about the potential value of our traffic data to the commercial market as consumer targeted traffic information products and services become more widespread throughout China.”

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