BBDO Worldwide Wins The Big Won Report

Results of this year’s Big Won report, which summarizes the world’s best marketing communications across all media and disciplines, left little doubt which agency network produced the most awarded work in the world this past year.

For the second year in a row, BBDO was the most awarded agency network in the world based on both the quantity and quality of awards won. BBDO beat its nearest competitor by more than 600 points. Eight different BBDO agencies were ranked the most awarded individual agencies in their respective countries, led by BBDO New York, which was by a factor of two, the single most awarded agency in the world.

In addition to BBDO New York, AMV BBDO was ranked #1 in the UK; BBDO Dusseldorf was #1 in Germany; Almap BBDO was #1 in Brazil; Colenso BBDO was #1 in New Zealand; Pages BBDO was #1 in Dominican Republic; BBDO Chile was #1 in Chile; and Mark BBDO was #1 in the Czech Republic.

Campaigns created by BBDO were the most decorated in the world in four different categories: All Media combined, Digital, Alternative & Innovative Media; and Posters. Work included the multimedia HBO “Voyeur” campaign created by BBDO New York, which was the most awarded piece of advertising in the world in 2008, as well as the most awarded digital campaign; BBC’s “Cables” effort, also created by BBDO New York, which won for Alternative & Innovative Media; and work for Deadline Couriers from Colenso BBDO in New Zealand, which was the most awarded poster campaign in the world.

As Patrick Collister, founder and author of The Big Won, wrote, “The big winners in 2008 are not so much ideas which are integrated, as ideas which transcend media.”

“Our goal is to create and deliver the world’s most compelling commercial content — ‘The Work, The Work, The Work,'” said Andrew Robertson, President and CEO, BBDO Worldwide. “Because that’s how we multiply the value of the investments our clients make in it. This report is the best benchmark we have for how we are doing.”

It was a year of total creative domination by BBDO Worldwide overall, and BBDO New York in particular. In addition to topping The Big Won, BBDO Worldwide also finished #1 in The Gunn Report, which ranks agencies based on the most important creative award shows in the world; and was the most awarded network in the world at the International Advertising Festival at Cannes. Within each of these performances, BBDO New York was the single most awarded agency in the world.

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