BBC Video Clips Soon on MSN , Blinkx

BBC has announced that its video clips will soon be available on Blinkx and MSN .Leading internet player, Yahoo is already showing BBC video clips. Over 17 million programmes have been streamed or downloaded on demand on BBC iPlayer in the first seven weeks since its marketing launch, according to the latest figures from the BBC.

Daily volumes have been increasing strongly during January and February and last week the total number of streams and downloads in a single day broke through the half a million barrier.During January, more than 2.2 million people watched a programme on BBC iPlayer, with approximately 11 million TV programmes streamed or downloaded on demand.

This complements the 15.9 million radio downloads during January (rising from 13.4 million in December) and totalling 27 million requests for TV and radio programmes.The research reveals that the number of visitors to the whole of has increased by over a quarter in the past year.

There was an average of 20 million UK visitors weekly to across January, marking an increase of 29% on the corresponding period in 2007, driven chiefly by BBC iPlayer (accounting for up to 1.3 million unique visitors weekly), news, sport and weather.

Programmes which performed particularly well on BBC iPlayer include Ashes To Ashes, coverage of the Six Nations clash between England and Wales and Life In Cold Blood.

“While it’s still early days, early indications are that BBC iPlayer is having a significant effect in attracting new users to build on this initial success, we continue to reach out to audiences wherever they are, and we now have BBC-branded ‘channels’ on Yahoo! and partnerships with MSN and Blinkx going live soon.These enable you to watch highlights and excerpts of BBC programmes, as well as clicking on a link to watch the full programme on BBC iPlayer.In addition, we are introducing new features on the BBC iPlayer homepage, including improved navigation options and programme recommendations.” Ashley Highfield, Director of BBC Future Media and Technology, said.

As part of the homepage enhancement, BBC iPlayer will offer audiences a dynamic user experience with new features such as the 10 most popular programmes that are being streamed, as well as ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Last Chance’ content items, all of which will be updated dynamically every ten minutes.

‘Recently Added’ features new content which has just become available, while ‘Last Chance’ gives users the ability to view programmes that have six hours left before their rights window expires.

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