BBC to Cover Kenyan presidential elections

The BBC brings its Election 2007 – Voice Your Views roadshow to three major cities in Kenya to explore how key issues affecting the lives of locals will influence their vote in the presidential elections at the end of the year.

The roadshow will visit: Kisumu for two days from Monday 10 December 2007, Nairobi for three days from Wednesday 12 December 2007,
Mombasa for two days from Saturday 15 December 2007.

“The Election 2007 – Voice Your Views roadshow is a great opportunity to really get to know our audience and to hear the opinions of the people that really matter at this crucial time. Who they vote into power affects their future and shapes their lives so it is important to give them a platform to let them express their views.” Josephine Hazeley, acting Editor of BBC English for Africa programmes Focus On Africa and Network Africa, said .

BBC activity includes special booths set up in busy public spaces such as university campuses and shopping malls. Visitors to the booths can see a special film on BBC programming and presenters and find out how the BBC are planning to report on the elections. They can also complete a questionnaire exploring how issues, ranging from religious beliefs to ethnic groups, will affect their vote.

Major themes highlighted in the questionnaire will be discussed on some of the BBC’s popular English-language programmes tailored specifically for Africa in the run-up to the elections including Focus On Africa and Network Africa.

The BBC’s flagship interactive radio and online programme Africa, Have Your Say will also debate some of the key issues that may affect how people vote, including tribalism on Tuesday 18 December, Crime on Wednesday 19 December and religion on Thursday 20 December.

All programmes will broadcast on the newly changed BBC frequencies 88.1 FM in Kisumu and 93.9 FM in Nairobi and can also be heard on the unchanged 93.9 FM frequency in Mombasa.

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