BBC to Co-Host Debate on Media freedom in China

BBC Chinese has teamed up with POLIS, the joint London School of Economics (LSE) and London College of Communication Journalism and Society Institute, to co-host a debate discussing media freedom in China.

The Media Freedom Forum will be held at the LSE in London on Monday 26 November 2007 at 8.00pm. Chinese students studying at the LSE and other London colleges will make up the audience and the debate will be broadcast on BBC Chinese radio and webcast on

The 60-minute forum will discuss what freedom of media means including whether there should be any boundaries or limits on the media, the impact of new technology on media freedom and possible changes over the next decade.

On the panel will be Duncan Hewitt, former BBC Chinese correspondent; Lifen Zhang, Editor of the Financial Times online site; and Bingchun Meng, Media and Communications Lecturer at the LSE.

Lorna Ball, Head of BBC Chinese, said: “We are very pleased to be co-hosting this special radio debate with POLIS and students at the LSE.

“They are the future of media which is why it is important to give them the platform to express what role freedom of media, speech and expression plays in their lives.

“I am confident the students, and audiences across the world, will benefit from discussing both the local and international perspectives on the issue and the opportunity to interact with experts from China and abroad.”

Charlie Beckett, Head of POLIS at the LSE, said: “POLIS is concerned with global media issues and delighted students will have the opportunity to explore the media specifically in China and its impact on society.

“We are also proud to be associated with the world’s leading international radio broadcaster and hope this will be the beginning of future cooperations.”

The Media Freedom Forum is part of BBC World Service’s 75th anniversary Freedom To Speak season of programmes starting on Sunday 9 December.

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