BBC Tamil service To Air 30-part documentary on Tamil film industry

The BBC Tamil service, BBC Tamilosai, is launching an epic 30-part documentary series on the rich history of the Tamil film industry and its colourful personalities from Sunday 23 September 2007.The series, Nenjam Marappadhillai (The Mind Does Not Forget) – on BBC Tamilosai radio and online on – narrates the story of the Tamil film industry by focusing the spotlight on its numerous doyens who have made a mark on the celluloid world. It talks to film personalities, film historians, critics and experts.

The series producer, noted broadcast journalist and former BBC Tamilosai correspondent based in Chennai, Sampath Kumar, says: “The Tamil film industry, which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in October, has been dominated and served by many a talented personality throughout its highly successful existence.

“Veteran directors, powerful producers, popular and charismatic actors, talented musicians and singers and comedy geniuses have all left their imprint on the field.

“The series explores the contributions of these giants to the Tamil film world and, through them, tracks the history of the Tamil ‘talkie’ itself.”

The series continues the BBC Tamil service’s special focus on culture, arts and entertainment programming.

Head of BBC Tamil, Thirumalai Manivannan, says: “Since the success of the History Of Tamil Film Music series in 2004-05, we’ve been particularly aware of the appetite for programmes exploring the Tamil cinema which is a formidable institution of mass culture.

“I am thrilled to invite our radio and online audience to join us on a fascinating journey that is the history of Tamil film.”

BBC Tamilosai is one of the 33 language services broadcast by BBC World Service. BBC Tamilosai offers a daily programme of news, current affairs and features broadcast at 15.45-16.15 GMT (21.15-21.45 Indian Standard Time and Sri Lanka time), providing an essential global insight to over 2.2 million listeners in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu in India, and across the world.

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