BBC Money Matters Roadshow, live from the Trafford Centre, Manchester

As many people take a hard look at their finances in the current economic climate, the BBC is gathering the weight of its specialised financial journalists alongside a leading team of experts to help people take control of their money matters and give them the necessary background information to help them make informed decisions about their finances.

From early morning and throughout the day on Wednesday 18 February, BBC TV and radio programmes will be broadcasting live, starting with Five Live Wake up to Money, BBC One Breakfast, BBC News Channel, TV and radio bulletins, a special hour-long Working Lunch at midday, Radio 4 You & Yours and Money Box, BBC Radio Manchester and regional TV, and BBC News Online.

In what could be the first in a series of similar events across the UK, The Money Matters Roadshow live from the Trafford Centre, Manchester will include experts from the world of tax, mortgages, pensions, savings and investments, benefits, debt management and insurance.

Working Lunch presenters Naga Munchetty and Declan Curry, Paul Lewis from Radio 4’s Money Box, Julian Worricker from You & Yours, Personal Finance Correspondent Richard Scott and others will also be on hand to offer practical tips and guidance about how people can make the most of their savings, how to spend more wisely and tips on claiming what’s theirs.

Debt in the UK is increasing by as much as £135million per day. Some people can’t keep up those payments, which is why every 10 minutes a property will be repossessed and every 5 minutes someone will be declared bankrupt or insolvent.

The event will also cover areas such as credit card and loan debt; rights when facing redundancy; benefit entitlements, and what things people need to consider when they’re looking at changing policies, moving mortgages or squirreling away savings.

The experts and advisers from a range of financial institutions, charities and organisations are NOT there to sell products or promote their own companies – it’s an information event where members of the public can come along and chat about their money worries and get a clearer idea of how to prioritise their budgets.

Jeremy Hillman, Editor of the Economics and Business Centre in BBC News, says: “The public are asking hard questions about their finances and the decisions they need to make in what are very difficult economic conditions.

“Our first money roadshow is a great way of meeting large numbers of our viewers and listeners and reacting to their concerns and questions at a time of great uncertainty.”

The experts include: National Debt line; Tax; Pensions; Credit Action; Consumer Credit Counselling Service; Financial Advisers; Mortgage Brokers; Age Concern; Citizens Advice; Help the Aged; Credit Unions; National Union of Students.

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