BBC launches School of Journalism in Ukrainian

BBC World Service and BBC College of Journalism have launched a language guide to assist journalists. Users of the multimedia website now have access to the comprehensive resource, sharing BBC journalists’ experience of the use of language and style while reporting in Ukrainian.

The BBC has now published 24 language guides for journalists across the world as part of the joint BBC World Service/BBC College of Journalism project which gives BBC journalists, broadcasting in various languages, an opportunity to share their expertise on ways to maintain impartiality.

Special attention is paid to the issues of translation into the Ukrainian of new international terms and notions.

BBC Ukrainian producer Svitlana Pyrkalo comments: “Like all other living languages, the Ukrainian language is in constant development, and as such it absorbs new words and definitions.

“While it’s very important for BBC journalists broadcasting to Ukraine to have a brilliant command of the language, it is also equally important that they know how to choose neutral terms to describe facts, how to avoid using emotionally loaded words so our listeners can form their own opinions. It’s this expertise that we are now sharing with our colleagues in Ukraine.”

Head of BBC Ukrainian, Maciek Bernatt-Reszczynski, adds: “From its very launch in 1992, BBC Ukrainian has been distinguished for its uniquely neutral and concise language style.

“By making this resource available to our Ukrainian audiences, we are also keen to engage them in a conversation about the language and style of unbiased and balanced coverage.”

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