BBC launches pre-school magazine Waybuloo

BBC Magazines has announced the launch of Waybuloo Magazine, the innovative new pre-school title that aims to help children develop their social and emotional learning. BBC Magazines has gained the licence to publish the title from RDF Kids, licensees of the new pre-school show Waybuloo, which launches on CBeebies channel this spring.

The fortnightly title, to be launched this summer, will be targeted at 3 to 5 year olds and have a cover price of £2.35.

The magazine will be packed with incentives and activities that support parents and enable children to feel confident as they talk about their emotions and explore their impact on others and the world around them.

Waybuloo Magazine will take stickers to a completely new level. Parents will be given a special Sticker Pouch which will allow them to reward their child with a wearable sticker at any time of the day. Other stickers can be used on a Waybuloo reward chart which will be based on a different emotion every issue. To add to the fun, children will get their own set of message stickers to share with friends and family.

Each issue of the magazine will focus on a positive emotion or skill such as sharing, kindness, patience, problem-solving, being a good listener and trying hard.

Pauline Cooke, Publisher, BBC Pre-School magazines says “Waybuloo addresses how children of this age can sometimes struggle to understand their emotions, their impact on the world and the people closest to them. The magazine really does have the feel-good factor for parents and children and will be a great addition to our portfolio”.

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