BBC launches citizen journalism initiative from India for

BBC on Sunday launched citizen journalism initiative from India. will search Urdu speaking citizen journalists at Press Club, Lucknow ,Shia Degree College, Lucknow
Iqbal Maidan Library, Bhopal , Maulana Azad Urdu University, Hyderabad ,Muslim University, Aligarh .

India’s leading universities will be the launch-pad for the BBC Urdu website’s new online citizen journalism initiative.

The award-winning website will start the search for Citizen Editors for its user-generated content microsite, Your Edition, at the Lucknow University campus on Tuesday 16 October, tour Bhopal and Hyderabad, finishing the special India series in Aligarh.

Your Edition series in India are part of face-to-face activities which will be held in other major centres next year.

Editor of Waheed Mirza says that Your Edition will take interactivity to a new high: “In a milieu of extensive social-networking and participatory media, we intend Your Edition to be the next level of interactivity whereby user-participation evolves into user-empowerment.

“This means that, in a clearly sign-posted area, users not only comment and respond to existing news agenda but are encouraged to decide editorial agenda on issues and areas concerning them.”

India is not a random choice for launch as BBC Urdu has invested in its presence in this country over the past few years. BBC Urdu has expanded its network of reporters and stringers in India, achieving, as a result, extensive and in-depth coverage from this country.

Head of BBC Urdu, Mohammed Hanif, says: “We want to raise awareness of our website among Urdu-speakers in India where internet penetration and usage is growing on a daily basis. Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bhopal and Aligarh are centres of knowledge and talent, and we are looking forward to meeting our existing and future audiences there.”

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