BBC invites public to make a show

Upstaged – the new BBC Three show open to anyone across the country who thinks they are interesting enough to keep the nation entertained for eight hours – today appeals to anyone who believes they’ve got what it takes to apply.What contestants do is completely up to them, the more unusual, wilder and wackier the better.

As long as the online community vote to include them in the show, they can do whatever they want – OK, nothing that can get any of us arrested, but they need to be imaginative and think big.

By visiting, potential contestants can find out more about this unique new show and get details about how they can apply to take part.

Even if they just have an idea that they think might be interesting, they can drop the Upstaged team a line via the website to let them know about it. Anything goes when it comes to Upstaged: if you’re entertaining, you can apply.

The eight-week programme will see the first five weeks exclusively shown on the BBC Three website, with the final three weeks being accompanied by coverage on BBC Three.

The entertainment takes place in two huge 15 x 25 ft glass boxes, both in full public view in Millennium Square in Bristol, which will double up as stages, performance spaces, exhibition spaces or platforms.

So from artists to musicians, from sculptors to those needing a venue or soapbox, Upstaged is the place to be. In a twist from other shows, who goes in and who goes out – and ultimately who wins – is entirely in the hands of the online community.

This method of programme-making involving both TV and online empowers the public to effectively make their own show by deciding what they watch and when they watch it.Upstaged is produced by Initial West, part of Endemol UK.

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