BBC Birmingham Announces Studio Tours

BBC Birmingham is throwing open its doors in the New Year and offering people the chance to take a tour of the state of the art studios situated in The Mailbox, take a peek behind the scenes of programmes such as BBC Midlands Today and even take part in a special recording of a radio drama, complete with sound effects and music.

From 27 January 2009 the BBC Tour offers visitors the chance to gain access to the rarely seen world behind the famous TV and radio programmes broadcast and produced from BBC Birmingham.

BBC Tour guides will give an insight into the many programmes originating from BBC Birmingham and the level of work it takes to get them from script to screen.

They are also on hand to answer any burning questions relating to technical wizardry, famous faces to have visited the building or even where Nick Owen gets his jokes from!

During the tour there is always the chance of bumping into a favourite presenter, actor or radio DJ, hearing some trade secrets or being party to some juicy gossip whilst passing the actor’s green room.

Visitors also get the chance to visit the studios where Midlands Today is broadcast, finding out just how tough it is to be a presenter who is required to speak at three words a second.

They also get to find out the intriguing reason behind why the window blinds go up and down so much on the Politics Show programme.
Other attractions include seeing the cutting-edge editing suites and the 24/7 BBC News online facilities where they deal with up to 300 stories a day.

BBC Tours, which run regularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays, last for approximately 90 minutes and ticket prices range from £4.50 to £5.50 per person.

Andrea Collier, BBC Public Space Manager, says: “BBC Birmingham’s Public Space has been a big hit with visitors so as a natural progression we wanted to show more to our audiences by inviting them to explore BBC Birmingham further. This is going to be a first class visitor experience and one people will be talking about for years to come!”

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