BBC Bangla debates the Dhaka of today and tomorrow

Dhaka is celebrating 400 years as a capital city and BBC Bangla will mark the occasion with a debate from the centuries-old Lalbagh Fort. Dhaka: Today And Tomorrow will discuss with an invited audience what the city is like today and what its aspirations are for the future.

The debate can be heard on BBC Bangla’s 100 FM relay in Dhaka on Thursday 27 March 2008 at 20.00 local time. It will broadcast on satellite television channel ATN Bangla on Friday 28 March 2008 at 20.00 local time, and audio of the debate will be available online at

Sabir Mustafa, Head of BBC Bangla and the debate’s host, said: “Dhaka: Today And Tomorrow is a great opportunity to discuss the future of the city with local people. It is also a great opportunity for BBC Bangla to connect with its audience by giving them a platform to discuss the issues that are really important to them. Lalbagh Fort is part of the city’s great heritage and the ideal location to debate Dhaka’s future.”

Dhaka: Today And Tomorrow is part of Dhaka Week on BBC Bangla. Starting Sunday 23 March and running until Friday 28 March, Dhaka Week will broadcast a range of special features exploring all aspects of city life. Highlights include the legacy of Dhaka University, new lifestyles adopted in the city and Dhaka’s forgotten poor.

BBC Bangla broadcasts news, current affairs, sports, science and cultural features to the Bangla community worldwide and is regarded as a reference point for accuracy and impartiality. It has around 17 million listeners in Bangladesh and more than 2.4 million listeners in India.BBC Bangla has bureaux in Dhaka, Kolkata and New Delhi.

It broadcasts a range of programmes daily from 06.30-07.00, 0730-0800, 19.30-20.00 and 22.30-23.00 (Dhaka time) via FM in Dhaka, and on shortwave across South Asia.Millions of Bangla speakers across the world can also access BBC Bangla programmes in audio at

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