BBC Announces Editorial workshop for Partner Radio stations in Nepal

BBC World Service is conducting a five-day editorial workshop for its partner radio stations in Nepal. The BBC organised the workshop, following requests during the BBC FM Partners Conference in Kathmandu in early 2008.

Thirty-four radio stations, re-broadcasting the BBC Nepali programming, have now been invited to participate in the workshop which is taking place in Kathmandu this week.

Rabindra Mishra, Head of BBC Nepali, says: “We are delighted to be back in Kathmandu building on our relationship with partner stations in Nepal. The idea of this workshop came from our Nepali colleagues and partners, and we hope that it will help them to better understand how we operate and bring us even closer together, taking our partnership to a new level.”

Neil Curry, Asia and the Pacific Business Manager, BBC World Service, adds: “The BBC FM Partners Conference held last year was a huge success. In addition to helping us to get to know some of the stations re-broadcasting our programmes, it also gave them an opportunity to discuss broadcasting issues with the BBC.

“Our partners made it clear at the conference that they would like us to expand our collaboration. This includes continuing our dialogue and exchanging experiences on issues such as radio journalism and editorial styles. We felt it was very important to see that request come to fruition.”

The workshop will cover a range of issues including discussions on editorial values, practical help and suggestions on how to create an on-air station identity, and tips on enlivening everyday reporting. It will also share and explore ideas for creative and accurate broadcasting in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving world.

The workshop is taking place at Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu.BBC Nepali and BBC World Service in English can be heard 24/7 on the BBC 103 FM relay station in Kathmandu and on shortwave.

BBC Nepali, which has been serving audiences for nearly 40 years, is a respected source of news for listeners in Nepal, India and the rest of South Asia, the Far East and the Gulf countries.

BBC Nepali programmes cover a wide spectrum of news stories as well as regular analysis and features on Nepalese issues. The programmes are broadcast for half an hour at 2045 Nepal Time (1500 GMT) every day on shortwave and on BBC 103 FM in Kathmandu, and are re-broadcast by 34 partner FM stations across Nepal.

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