Bangkok Broadcasting Files Court Order to Halt Illegal Copying

Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd.’s , a Thai broadcasting corporation, has announced that it has filed a Complaint and Motion For Preliminary Injunction And Order For Seizure And Impoundment with the United States District Court in the Central District of California alleging that IPTV Corporation,, BKT Group (“BKT”), Mr. Ron Petcha, Ms. Tip Petcha and Mr. Noppadon Wongchaiwat are illegally and willfully copying, selling and re-broadcasting BBTV’s copyrighted programs bearing BBTV’s federally trademarked logo.

BBTV operates Channel 7 in Thailand and is one of the country’s six major free television channels. BBTV’s programs are first broadcast in Thailand via a signal that can be received using a standard home antenna. In addition to copyrights, BBTV owns all right, title, and interest in and to a design mark which consists of three overlapping circles with the number 7 written in the middle. This mark usually appears in the top right hand corner of the screen when BBTV airs its programs.

In pursuing an injunction against IPTV Corporation, BBTV is seeking to immediately halt a practice whereby IPTV re-broadcasts BBTV’s copyrighted works via its online entity,, and sells copyrighted material via a distribution network that feeds Thai and Asian storefronts throughout the U.S. The complaint levied against the defendants also contends that BKT’s retail store located in Los Angeles sells or rents BBTV’s copyrighted works without BBTV’s permission. BKT offers a variety of services, including media and entertainment offerings, to, among others, Thai and Lao customers living in the U.S. and abroad.

“BBTV has entered into these legal actions because it sees no other recourse for combating what we firmly believe are unlawful acts being perpetrated by the defendants in order to profit from BBTV’s copyrighted works without our permission.

“As one of Thailand’s most recognized television channels, BBTV’s mission is to provide entertaining content for our viewers, at home and abroad. Unfortunately, when our materials are used without our consent, not only is BBTV’s business impacted, but our image and reputation among our audiences is also potentially sullied because our work is now being marketed in manners that do not conform with the high standards for which we are recognized. In our view, there is no question that the defendants’ actions are being conducted deliberately and without regard to U.S. copyright or trademark law.”

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