Bajaj Allianz’s new campaign urges people to enjoy responsibilities

Pune:Bajaj Allianz has launched a new campaign to take the ‘Jiyo Befikar’ theme to the next level. The campaign urges consumers to enjoy their responsibilities in various life stages by passing on their worries which come with each responsibility, so that they can live worry-free.

The campaign aims to symbolize a feeling of ‘Jiyo Befikar’, a deep human insight which suggests that life becomes richer when there is a sense of security and peace of mind. Ironically, with each momentous and joyous event in a person’s life comes the burden and stress of responsibilities. Every individual, through these different life stages lives many lives, each with their distinct characteristics. For each of these life stages an individual’s need for financial security would vary. The campaign attempts to understand this ever changing dynamics of needs of an individual and help him find the right insurance plan.

Akshay Mehrotra, Head-Marketing, Bajaj Allianz, said, “Based on this insight, we talk about how we can gift our customers a sense of longevity to their happiness at every stage of their life by sharing the responsibility of their financial burden, that is accompanied by any happy or carefree moment. We have a wide portfolio of products to secure the responsibility at each life stage.”

The center element of this campaign is the Bajaj Allianz Super Agent who is an embodiment of all the values that the company strives to live by. He is a representation of the company’s expertise, its democratic spirit, its empathy and its willingness to share this expertise and knowledge to help people lead richer and more carefree lives.

Rajiv Sabnis, President, DDB India said “The creative expression of this campaign makes the connection in a light-hearted manner by magnifying the two-sides of enjoying responsibility. For the first time, the Super Agent is part of people’s lives, decoding their state of happiness and prescribing a way out of the accompanying worries. The campaign is a bold attempt to break the category sameness and hopes to persuade Indians to prolong their state of happiness by covering it with Bajaj Allianz insurance policies at various life stages.”

Rajeev Raja, National Creative Director, DDB India, “We struck upon the idea of using a quintessential middle class Indian character and his dreams. In a humorous way the idea depicts that there are always two sides to life, one the happiness of achieving your dreams and the second, the responsibilities that come with it.”
The 360-degree campaign was released on Jan 18th in various channels and other media. The TV commercial has been conceptualized by the DDB team and produced by Chrome Pictures.

Director: Amit Sharma
Producer: Prafull Sharma
Creative Director: Anand Karir
Music: Samiruddin
Animation: MFX Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Location: Mumbai.

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