Bajaj Allianz launches child insurance advertising campaign

Mumbai : Bajaj Allianz has launched its latest advertising campaign on child insurance plans. The campaigns carry a realistic feel and drive home the message without beating around the bush. The outdoor campaign features children of their own employees.

“The unique idea behind the campaign is direct communication. It focuses on direct messaging. Child plans maybe an inherent part of the category’s portfolio and the course of communication for many brands over time. What stands out for Bajaj Allianz is its treatment to the message”, says Akshay Mehrotra, Head – Marketing. “The new campaign asks parents a simple and honest question; put forth to them from their children ‘Have you planned for my future?’ Parents are being awakened and reminded of a responsibility – to ensure their child’s future.”

This slice of life campaign emanates from the thought of having a clutter breaking message on the child plans in the crowded category of life insurance. The campaigns directly point out the importance of planning for the future of one’s child. Parents have to plan funds for critical stages in their childrens’ life. These stages include graduation, post graduation, marriage and starting a business. As a parent, one always dreams the best for one’s child including marriage, higher education, and of the essential hand holding that parents wish to provide their children with for a start in life. Everyone would wish to see their child grow up and settle down. The child would also feel love and concern in the financial support arranged through the wide range of children’s insurance policies taking the child from one milestone to another. The campaign reinforces the fact that Bajaj Allianz genuinely believes in its ventures and demonstrates the level of involvement of the organization as a whole, in the same.

In an effort to provide motivation to its employees, an internal drive at Bajaj Allianz was launched, whereby children of employees became real life endorsers of the child insurance plan in their outdoor campaign.

Taking the significance of the campaign one step ahead, it is worth mentioning that saving early and saving regularly for one’s child helps combat inflation and ensures higher yields. By taking an insurance policy for his or her child, one can take advantage of lower premium rates and ensure that children remain covered throughout adulthood, at a much lower rate. This also instills a saving-habit in children at a young age developing them as and when the policy vests in them.

In a nutshell, Bajaj Allianz’s latest campaign stands out with its unique appeal and hopes to strike a chord with its target audience.

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