Baidu and Rock Music to Stream Music Online, the leading Chinese search engine, and Rock Music Group (RMG), the world’s leading independent Chinese language record label, on wednesday announced that they have established a partnership to provide an advertising-supported online music streaming service.

According to the related agreement, a selection of Chinese language music from RMG’s repertoire will be made legally available for streaming at no charge to all users of Baidu. Internet advertising will be displayed while users listen to music licensed under the agreement. The two companies will share revenue generated from the advertising and will continue to work together to explore new opportunities in advertising-supported online music distribution.

“This partnership with RMG, the world’s leading Chinese language record label, reflects growing industry recognition of the advertising-supported free music streaming model.Advertising- supported music provides more listening options for Internet users and gives online advertisers a powerful marketing platform” said Robin Li,Baidu’s Chairman and CEO.

RMG founder hopes that the partnership will bring value to music.

“RMG has long been a leader in original music production as well as a pioneer in innovative music distribution. By leveraging Baidu’s leading position in the Chinese language search market and its premier digital music platform, this partnership will bring value to music lovers, record companies and advertisers alike.” Sam Duann, RMG’s founder said.

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