Badmaash gang visits Radio Mirchi's Mumbai Studios

Mumbai: He fills you in on the latest happenings in the city, he discusses significant topics that concern you, but when his star friends visit him, he becomes your mischievous pal who pulls their leg, does ‘badmaashis’ galore and involves them in a tete a tete so that you, the listeners of Radio Mirchi 98.3 get to hear it all from the horse’s mouths!

We are talking about none other than RJ Jeeturaaj who hosts ‘Hi Mumbai’ every morning to give you your daily dose of Mumbai and this morning, the RJ of Mumbai’s # 1 Breakfast show had tough competition as the star cast of ‘Badmaash company’ visited him at the Radio Mirchi studios in Mumbai.

Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Vir Das and Chang were present along with lots of attitude and lots of tricks up their sleeves! With an intention to mesmerise the listeners with their tales of fun, mischief, and all the naughtiness that they have been doing!

There were fireworks in the Mirchi studio as the Badmaash Company gang overpowered Jeeturaaj. They almost took over the show as they engaged in a light-hearted chat with RJ Jeeturaaj and announced that they had come to make his life miserable. They wouldn’t let the otherwise super talkative Jeeturaaj, get a chance to say anything on his own show. When Jeeturaaj asked them to give a traffic update, the stars mischievously said that he was getting them to do his job.

When the stars were asked about what they did before they became actors, pat came the amusing replies. Shahid, in his trademark charm said, “Main to actor banne ke pehle, bekaar hi tha”. Vir Das, with his usual witty demeanour quipped, “I used to be a swimsuit model”.

Jeeturaaj tried to replicate Meiyang Chang’s quirky and cool hairstyle in ‘Badmaash Company’ but failed. Chang empathised saying, “The hairstyle was created specially for Badmaash Company and even I couldn’t replicate it after that.’

The stars, the RJ and the listeners had a whale of a time as the chartbuster ‘Ayaashi’ played on air and the mutual camaraderie kept everyone entertained. Mrinmayi, a lucky Mirchi listener, got the chance to talk to all four stars as she answered Jeeturaaj’s questions about what the stars used to do before they became actors.

Yash Chopra Films’ ‘Badmaash company’ is an extraordinary story set in the 1990’s where four friends who set out to make quick money end up doing all the wrong things… the right way.

Written and directed by Parmeet Sethi and produced by Aditya Chopra, the film is set to hit theatres tomorrow.

The film’s music was launched last month and ‘Ayaashi’ is already topping charts and has become a rage amongst youngsters.

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