Audio advertising boosts sales for local auto dealers !

Mumbai: Innovative outdoor advertising has helped local auto dealers of automotive giants like Chevrolet Beat and Bajaj Auto achieve a 10 % hike in sales and create increased brand awareness in the semi urban and rural areas of Maharashtra. Presented in the form of audio jingles, the ads were relayed across select MSRTC bus stands across the state of Maharashtra using Vritti i-Media’s award winning audio advertising network.

The consumer profile target at such ST stands includes the farmers, local businessmen and youth. According to the recent A C Nielson study conducted in association with Vritti i-Media, 10- 15% of the people visiting these stands belong to the SEC A class which makes it even more pertinent for local dealers to advertise on this medium. Local dealers find it apt to advertise on Vritti’s medium as it creates a sustained brand recall in the minds of their potential consumers and triggers an immediate call for action in the minds of the consumers.

“This medium has offered us the best value for our money & has given good enquiries from the rural & semi urban markets as compared to other mass mediums. It has given so much more for so less.” says Pankaj Agarwal, Owner of Saniya Auto- A leading dealer of Bajaj Auto while sharing his first experience of advertising on Vritti i-Media’s network.

Speaking about the campaign outcomes, Veerendra Jamdade, CEO, Vritti i-Media adds, “Auto dealers play a vital role for any automobile brand in generating brand awareness and boosting sales at a local level. We are glad that dealers have recognised our medium as a right place to communicate with their target audience. We are currently running campaigns for various local dealers of Bajaj Auto and Chevrolet Beat targeting middle and upper middle class residing in small towns & rural markets of Maharashtra.”

The campaigns conducted for Chevrolet Beat & Bajaj Auto were aired in between the daily bus announcements at timely intervals from 6 AM to 10 PM, resulting in constant brand recall. The bus stands targeted for advertising witness an average footfall of 40,000 travelers during the day.

Automobile brands foresee a large potential in rural markets of India where aspirations are high and desire to own personal vehicles is rising. Positive factors like low penetration levels and less dependence on loans have resulted in major automotive brands increasing their focus on these markets to increase sales. In such a scenario, local auto dealers play a vital role in creating a robust presence for their umbrella brands in potential markets.

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