Asin appears on ‘Hi Mumbai' to promote London Dreams

Mumbai : In a fun banter initiated by director Vipul Shah and prompted by RJ Jeeturaaj, the beautiful Asin sang a Tamil song for the listeners of Mumbai’s No.1 Radio station – Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, while they in turn promised to go in large numbers and watch her upcoming release ‘London Dreams’.

Asin and Vipul Shah were on Mumbai’s No.1 breakfast show ‘ Hi Mumbai’ early this morning to speak about their upcoming film and much more.

The ‘Ghajini girl’ as she is fondly called was in high spirits as she spoke about her memories from the shooting of the film and her experience of working with Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Vipul Shah.

RJ Jeeturaaj who was adamant to make Asin sing finally succeeded in doing, while she kept trying to get away, laughing uncontrollably with excuses like “Isn’t my laugh musical enough?”

Vipul Shah, being equally sporting, narrated various incidents from the movie and spoke about experiences with the crew in London. When asked about why a rock song like ‘Barso yaaron’ has the Hanuman chalisa in it, he meticulously went on to explain “The song is filmed on Salman who is a simple boy from Punjab who is facing hardships, which is why he calls out to Lord Hanuman who is the ‘sankat mochan’ or ‘The One who helps in removing all difficulties or sufferings’.

Asin admitted to Jeeturaaj that her favourite tracks from the movie were ‘Khanabadosh’ and ‘Mann ko ati bhave’ which are already topping charts. ‘Barso yaaron’ which is a beautifully sung number incorporating the Hanuman Chalisa is also immensely popular.

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