Ashutosh Gowariker appears on Radio Mirchi's 'Hi Mumbai’

Mumbai : From studying chemistry to modelling for television commercials, from acting in movies to directing movies, he has done it all! Talented director Ashutosh Gowariker has himself played multiple roles in real life; hence it was no surprise, when he decided to make a movie featuring Priyanka Chopra in 12 different roles!

The ‘Lagaan’ and ‘Swades’ director visited Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and was on air with RJ Jeeturaaj to speak about his upcoming release ‘Whats your rashee?’, and the challenges involved in getting one actor to portray 12 characters and much more.

‘What’s your Rashee?’ is based on the novel ‘Kimball Ravenswood’ by Madhu Rye.

However, while the novel has 12 distinct characters which should have ideally been played by 12 Ashutosh chose to get to 1 actor to play them all. His belief was that the other 11 actors depending on their popularity would either overpower or be undermined by one another. Interestingly the talented director has even has even sung in the film.

The movie is about how all parents dream to see their children settled and happily married. It’s the same for Yogesh Patel (Harman Baweja) who is now at the marriageable age. His parents have given him 12 days to find himself a bride. Yogesh’s belief is to meet a girl from every rashee and Priyanka Chopra plays twelve different characters, each representing a different rashee.

Come Friday, 25th September and it shall be revealed which rashee, the lucky Yogesh Patel finally selects.

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