Arvind Mohan appointed to Global Planning Board of YR

Arvind Mohan, chief strategy officer, Rediffusion Y&R, has been appointed to the Global Planning Board of the Young & Rubicam (Y&R) network. The planning board is a new setup that will act as a think tank to create a unified way of thinking across all Y&R companies. The board will make use of the expertise of twelve leaders, who work for the network in various parts of the world, and who will now be responsible for producing new insights and analysing global and regional markets.

Commenting on his appointment , Arvind Mohan says, “The Global Planning Board will strive to build its own way of thinking. We will analyse various markets around the world and churn out insights that offer the best and most effective solutions to our clients.”

He described this move as giving birth to a “thinking renaissance”, he adds that the board will also be responsible for adding new tool kits and will function more like an open platform.

Mohan will put forward before the global board some invaluable insights on the Indian market. He says, “The Indian market is one of complexities and subtle intricacies. No wonder the world has been watching us and appreciating all that we have to offer. This also shows that India is no longer a backend for the world, but has metamorphosed into a country that is a source for a lot of things. I’ll be happy to share my learnings about this market.”

Mohan will be based in the Delhi office but will travel from time to time for his global duties. He will also continue with his current responsibilities at Rediffusion. The new role is an added responsibility that he is only too happy to take on.

Mahesh Chauhan, group chief executive officer, Rediffusion Y&R, says, “It’s fantastic to see Rediffusion Y&R on the Global Planning Board of Y&R. Arvind on the board is a great recognition of the work being done by Rediffusion and its growing stature in the Y&R network.”

John Gerzema, chief insights officer, Y&R, says in an official communiqué, “I am pleased to announce that Arvind Mohan has been named to the Global Planning Board of Y&R. Y&R has a legacy of strategic excellence in consumer behaviour and brand equity.

“This board, comprised of the best planners, researchers and thought leaders around the world, will further Y&R’s understanding of brand management amid the accelerated change facing our business. We look to Arvind’s talents to help us explain India’s dynamic marketplace so that we can apply the learning on a global basis in our company.”

Source: Bombay Adclub

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