Are Super Bowl ads a definitive yardstick for success ?

USA Today has declared Doritos the “winner” of Super Bowl advertising, Pepsi received the most Tweets on Twitter, and movie trailers saw the highest number of submissions on Digg. But two companies that paid over $3 million for ads didn’t even show up on the first page of Google’s search results on Super Bowl Sunday night.

Despite a $100,000 per second price tag, Super Bowl ads have no definitive yardstick for success. Subjective studies can provide approximate data, but savvy marketers need measurable, objective results. AdShuffle(R), an online ad serving and marketing technology company, revolutionizes performance advertising by providing real-time optimization and audience segmentation tools that help clients find opportunity in known, but often untapped, areas of the online acquisition funnel. AdShuffle allows marketers to tie their promotions to any event they can measure or control online and then automatically optimizes them for the greatest success.

“An advertiser that takes the same budget they might use for a Super Bowl ad and spends it online with AdShuffle would have multiple promotional messages constantly competing with one another,” says Ruben Buell, CEO, AdShuffle. “From pre-game hype to the post-game show, audiences will behave differently and a marketer needs the tools capable of serving the most-effective ad at the right time.”

In a slowing economy, advertisers must accomplish twice as much with the same budget to effectively build their customer base. AdShuffle improves online advertising by emphasizing the best performing creatives and landing pages in real-time, dramatically improving conversion rates. The system continues to evaluate performance, keeping things efficient even when conditions change.

“In uncertain economic times, companies must focus on metrics-based spend recovery to justify their marketing budgets,” Buell continues. “There is a clear difference between water cooler talk about an ad seen on television versus one that delivers trackable results. AdShuffle delivers. By optimizing creatives and landing pages, AdShuffle gives you insight into the true cost of your media (eCPM) and the true long-term value of your customers.”

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