AOL Takes Reality TV to the Next Level

AOL’s youth lifestyle service RED has teamed with the University of Hawaii at Manoa to bring to life season two of its popular reality series Project: Freshman. The show, which will stream a new episode every Wednesday, features new students Elliott Winter, Sarah Riordan and Brianna “Bri” Lagat-Ramos, as they embark on college life.

Each student was given a video camera to document their personal experience – the good, the bad and the ugly – of heading to a new school. For thirteen weeks, RED™ will showcase the lives of these three teens from different parts of the country, as they begin their first semester away from home. Each student will also post commentary on their own RED blog.

“Project: Freshman is a must-see for any college freshman,” said Jacquie Moen, Vice President, AOL Kids and Teens. “We’ve teamed with real students whose reports are honest and refreshing and show kids what college is really like.”

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