AOL and partner to launch interactive Miss World site

AOL UK and have joined forces to feature an interactive website dedicated to the 58th Miss World pageant on the AOL UK Entertainment channel. The site will feature video updates throughout the month-long festival that precedes the crowning ceremony. Fans can get to know and rate their favourite contestants through an extensive photo and video gallery of each of the 120 Miss World candidates.

In an online first, AOL users can register their vote for the official Miss World People’s Choice Award. The winning contestant will be automatically fast tracked to the final round of the Miss World pageant, broadcast live to 120 countries worldwide from Johannesburg, South Africa, on 13th December.

AOL users will rank each contestant on a scale of 1 to 10, with the overall results recalibrated to ensure that all Miss World contestants are put up for the vote equally by promoting profiles that are viewed or voted on less often.

“We are delighted that our more than 40 million users in France, Germany and the UK can now share in the excitement of Miss World online.* Our site will allow them to interact with other fans and help shape the outcome of one of the most well-known worldwide talent events,” said Joanna Bickmore, Entertainment Director, AOL Europe, about the partnership.

“After the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup Soccer finals, Miss World is the most popular televised event in the world. Extending its reach via an interactive online channel means that it has the potential to be one of the biggest-ever audience participation events. Amuso is proud to be powering the online user experience and delighted to be partnering with such global brands as AOL and Miss World,” added Jordi Bartomeu, CEO and co-founder of Amuso.

Miss World on AOL UK can be found on the Entertainment channel homepage of AOL UK which reaches more than 700,000 unique users every month.

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