Annual Indian Comics Converntion from October 22 in Mumbai

New Delhi : Twenty Onwards Media is happy to announce the expansion of the Comic Con brand by taking it to different cities as Comic Con Express. Comic Con Express is the lighter, tighter, travelling version of the Indian Comic Con, the national Indian Comics Convention.Comic Con Express will be traveling to Mumbai this year and the convention will take place at World Trade Center, Cufffe Parade, Mumbai on October 22-23,2011 between 10 am t 9 pm.

Comic Con Express is started with the aim of giving the Comic Con India a truly national flavor, and taking it on the road to maximize the reach. One of the main aims of Comic Con India is to support and boost the comics industry.

Jatin Varma, Organiser, Comic Con and Founder, Twenty Onwards Media explained, “We are expanding the Comic Con brand and taking it to different cities. Though the main event shall be annually held in Delhi, Comic Con Express starting this year will bring the same atmosphere of the main convention to new fans in different cities. So, we are glad to announce that we are taking Comic Con Express to Mumbai in October and we are calling it Comic Con Express Mumbai’.”

In addition to this, Comic Con Express is planning a whole slew of activities to promote local artists and writers and generate more interest among fans. By increasing local interaction and participation, Comic Con Express will give everyone a taste of what a Comic Con is like! Every part of India has its own story to tell when it comes to comics and cartoons, and we would love to be the ones to explore and showcase these stories.

“Also, I am happy to announce that we are making the 2nd Comic Con Express, a 3 day affair after receiving such a grand response. It will be held at Dilli Haat, New Delhi, on February 10-12’ 2012,” added Jatin Varma, Organiser, Comic Con and Founder, Twenty Onwards Media.

India’s very own First Annual Comics Convention held in New Delhi in February received an overwhelming response. The convention boasted over 50 participants which included 35 companies. There were almost 30 workshops – ranging from a workshop on writing comics to an interactive session; from fun stuff to the more academic ones.

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